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Should we start by writing the lyrics before or after the music? And what are the techniques to use so that these words can perfectly stick to the melody and the rest of your song? If you ask me what aspect of the musical composition gives me the most trouble, I will answer without hesitation the writing of the lyrics. The lyrics are indeed the element that will give your music all its meaning. Because more than a simple text, the lyrics of a song must fulfill several roles:

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  • Carry the message of the song
  • Bring out the main melody
  • And ensure the overall coherence of the piece

If you want your lyrics to be able to fulfill all these roles, you will have to write them according to the other elements of your song: melody, accompaniment and rhythm.

I’ll give you a little example so that you understand this principle: We’re going to bring a song to a puzzle. Like a puzzle, a song consists of several distinct pieces (melody, accompaniment, rhythm and lyrics). However, even if each of these pieces occupies a function in its own right, it is not possible to consider them separately: each of them depends on the other, and together they form a whole.

To write good words is to choose a piece that integrates perfectly with the rest of the puzzle so that the final result is consistent.

That’s why the friends, for pity I implore you, do not do like 99% of the songs passing on the radio: do not neglect your words. Because, on the one hand, it would compromise the overall balance of your song (what could a puzzle look like if one of these pieces were missing?)  And secondly, because you would deprive the music of one of these functions essential: communication (express an idea, an emotion, tell a story …).

Be careful though to the confusion: I do not say that each of your music must be a poem in its own right, but rather to pay attention to what your lyrics are written for, and according to your music.

II / Is it necessary to write the lyrics before or after the music?

Now that you know why it is so important to heal his words, you will surely ask me the best method to adopt so that they can integrate perfectly with the rest of the song.

So what is it better to do?  Should we start by writing the lyrics and then the music? Or do you start by composing the melody and then dealing with the lyrics?

But honestly, this really does not matter because there is not one school better than the other: each way of doing has indeed its own advantages and specificity. In composition, everyone is free to do as he wishes. All methods are good as long as you are satisfied with the final result. The best approach will be the one that suits you best.

And so that there is no jealous, I will give you an effective method to write your words whatever your way of composing. Whether you start writing the lyrics or the music, it does not matter, everyone can find something for them. 

1) Scenario: Writing the lyrics before the music

In this case, you leave more words in your song. So that your song is coherent, it will be necessary that your music is inspired by your words. To do this, I recommend using the technique of “Voice Phrase”. As the name suggests, this technique is based on the intonation and phrasing of your voice. Let’s do a little experiment so you can understand the principle of download mp3 song

Say the word “seriously  ” as if you are trying to convince someone who does not believe you. It is done? Well. Now say the word “seriously As if you had just heard bad news. You see a little difference between the two intonations? It has nothing to do is it? This difference comes from the fact that the pronunciation of a word changes according to its context and the message that one wants to pass. In other words, our way of speaking is not monotonous but “sung” to emphasize these different variations. And it is precisely this phenomenon that we will use to write music from our words.

 To do this, you will just read the text and identify these intonations of natural voices. Once you have spotted them, exaggerate them and use them to write your melody. For example, exaggerating your pronunciation of the word “seriously? In the case of the bad news, you will notice that your voice will “go up” to emphasize the questioning and worry. So you know that at this level of text, you can use an ascending melody.

To see this technique in application, I advise you to go take a look at my video article: “Composing a song from lyrics “. I show you step by step how to compose a song from lyrics already written.

2) Scenario: Write the music, then the lyrics

This is the method I use personally. That’s the way I do it:

  • I usually start by composing a musical loop (whether it’s piano, guitar, or bass).
  • Depending on what the music inspires me and how I feel, I then try to find a general theme for the song. You can also set the theme of your song beforehand, and compose your music according to this theme.
  • Once I have a vague idea of the subject of the song, I begin to hum over this loop until I find a melody that I like.
  • By humming, I begin to naturally replace some “huum” with words. These words come to me very naturally; I do not want them to form sentences that make sense. I just say what goes through my head and what inspires me at the moment. Singing by pretending to speak a real language based on sounds, and a few words taken here and there, is what is called in the jargon “to make yoghurt”.
  • And finally, I use the few words I put as “pivots” to build around real phrases. Of course, I take care to respect the theme that I defined at the beginning of the mp3 song download.  

Again, to see this method in action, I recommend you to go for a walk on my video article: “How to write lyrics from music? “. In this video, I leave music, and I show you concretely how to add lyrics.

Of course, there are a thousand and one other ways to write lyrics since there is no exact science on the subject and everyone is free to proceed as he wishes. By the way, what is your method? How do you make your lyrics and your music perfectly match? Tell me everything in the comments!!

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