Degree symbol mac

Degree symbol on a Mac | Keyboard Shortcut

The degree symbol, which appears as an exponent circle, visually represents degrees at a temperature or degrees at an angle. You can write or type the degree symbol on a Mac by typing a shortcut on the keyboard. A shortcut is a code that executes a specific command on your computer; in this case, the shortcut causes the computer to add the degree symbol as the next character in a document.

Degree Symbol on mac


  1. Open the document in which you want to make a degree symbol.
  2. Click in the document to place the cursor at the desired location.
  3. Press the “Shift”, “8 keys” on the keyboard Option “and” to make the degree symbol.

Here is a simple little trick to display the degree symbol!

  • To display the degree symbol, press and hold the 0 (zero) key for one second. The “degree” symbol will automatically appear.

You can also try the same trick with other keys, there are a lot of hidden characters!

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