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High Authority Backlinks Gigs on fiverr to improve rankings

After the most important basics for successful SEO with backlinks have been clarified we come to the best strategies. These strategies refer to the most organic link building possible. Throughout the article, we will not introduce or recommend any Black Hat SEO tactics. On the contrary, we currently strongly advise against it and will continue to do so in the future. But more below. The first step we can take to get backlinks is to analyze our competition. Whether we are a local hairdresser or an online store for supplements – there is competition everywhere. But we can also use that for us because tools like Ahrefs Backlink Checker  allow us to find the backlinks of other companies or our competitors.

Image result for fiverr backlinks"

Here are some Authority backlinks Gig on fiverr:

Let’s say we want to sell sports nutrition online and in Austria. The most well-known online for sports nutrition is as the name suggests easily. Now let’s enter this URL and Ahref’s Tool will refer all domains to the online shop. In the Free version, these are very few, so it is essential to switch to the full version.

This is by far the most important step because domains referring are of the highest relevance in this example. After all, these domains refer to dietary supplements and that’s exactly what we offer. The next step is to find out why these domains are linked to sports nutrition and not to us. Mostly the answer is because they do not know us. Therefore, we should just introduce our page to these webmasters of referring domains.

In this case we can also contact Austria Triathlon and introduce them to our new online shop. Of course, we should also have something in stock which they can be specifically interested in. For example, a discount or a special feature. The e-mail could look like this:

Thus, we also create added value and not only try to scrounge to the left greedy. Therefore, we should always have in mind for the respective page to create added value and not just to think of ourselves and our backlinks. Google rewards organic behavior, we should not forget that and is of fundamental importance in SEO. In this case, there are 409 Referring Domains we can write to. In technical terms this is called “outreach”. Of course, we will not get answers everywhere or come across 100% relevance, but the selection is also great. In addition, there are other competition companies which we can analyze and spy on. We can use AHREFS tools as well and see which pages of our competitors receive many backlinks. Then we can manually search filtered search results for old posts. If we find posts that were published 3 or 4 years ago but still get many backlinks, we have the potential to replace them. Especially if the content is no longer relevant due to changes due to changes in the industry. For example, we can easily replace SEO articles from other companies older than 3 years because the content is largely irrelevant.

If you spend some time in the search of old articles with a high backlink profile, you will find that there are numerous articles that are out of date. What do we have to do now?

  1. Write an article that is content up to date and content is better than the old articles of the competition.
  2. Contact the referring domains or their webmasters and ask them to link to their own article as it is more up-to-date.
  3. Rinse and Repeat. This process can be very time-consuming, but worth it because you can generate numerous backlinks and almost every webmaster is happy to point out that there are more recent articles and articles.

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