Importance of music in our life

Among the gifts of heaven, music is certainly the most enchanting and the most balanced for our bodies. Mp3 download, in addition to enchanting our life, has the power to rejuvenate us, to gather at the Source of life, to open and purify our chakras and our different bodies. All music acts on us. It is therefore important to choose what we listen to! Because if one can build us, there are sounds that can also destroy us! Each kind of music is connected to a vibratory plane. There are ‘sexual’ music (often associated with very evocative clips), ‘sensual’, ’emotional’ that move or cry … not sure they build … There are music of power like hymns or military marches that lead soldiers to war, not sure they build … There are songs that degrade, humiliate others who do not want to say anything.

Fortunately, there are songs that are very supportive and open the heart like ‘know how to love’ Florent Pagny or who open the conscience ‘You must breathe’ Mickey 3D or who glorifies life as’ What a wonderful word ‘. And there are also music’s that carry that can raise mountains like great symphonies or melodies that elevate the soul. Behind these music’s, there are composers and talent musicians.
It is certain that everyone’s openness of conscience and heart is important to the quality of the work. A disturbed person, low in vibration, cannot write a symphony or opening song of heart, not that it does not have the capacity but simply a limited consciousness. It is not enough to know the 7 notes and their derivatives, it is necessary to know how to unite them harmonically and it is the height of vibration of the person who changes everything! Certainly, associating the notes gives sound, but the music of the spheres has something more ‘the consciousness of life’. I salute all those inspired and awake musicians who raise the consciousness of the Earth. It is therefore important for each person on the alert to know how to select the music they are listening to.

If you are depressed, avoid the emotional music that will add and choose great symphonies that carry.
If you are nervous, avoid hard or violent music and favor the meditation music that will soothe your mind or you can put a techno music and let off steam for ten minutes…. this allows you to let go of your mind, the ‘little spirit’ and forget everything. Then, when the music stops, the silence causes the total appeasement of the body and allows the Spirit to be able to act serenely. It’s a good kicker. But where five minutes or ten can help, doing it for hours can also destroy because the Spirit cannot act and there is loss of consciousness. Selecting his music, his reading, his visions are good habits to have.
Each positive contribution rises a little more. The ascent is made of permanent elevation of vibrations, in all bodies and by all means. Beautiful music is one of those most enjoyable ways.

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