IT Managed Services offered in New Jersey

Such a type of IT outsourcing as “IT Managed Services Jersey” (from the English IT Managed Services) implies the transfer of a set of services for maintaining the corporate IT infrastructure of a specialized company – a supplier of IT Managed Services Jersey (from the English Managed Services Provider). This allows you to reduce costs and improve budget transparency in the maintenance of your IT infrastructure, ensure flexibility and adaptability to rapidly changing IT technologies and processes, and also focus on your core business, increasing competitiveness in the market.

IT Managed Services

How to choose a service provider?

Choosing an IT Managed Services Jersey provider among a multitude of companies is not a trivial task. The client must clearly understand that he chooses a partner who will share risks with him when transferring internal processes. Of course, the price is one of the determining factors – but even more important are the quality of the services provided and the professionalism of the supplier. Therefore, in order to minimize risks and get the maximum benefit, the customer should choose experienced companies that own a significant share of the IT services market, with a successful history of cooperation with large customers and paying particular attention to Managed Services.

Our company meets all these criteria. The services provided by IT Managed Services Jersey are of consistently high quality, proven over the years in the market. The internal processes of IT services are built using the best ITIL practices, and the company’s quality management system complies with the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001-2001. Automation of processes, flexibility and scalability of our services allow us to offer prices at a level that satisfies the IT budgets of companies of different levels.

The high level of our services is evidenced by feedback from customers with whom we are connected by a long-term history of cooperation in the field of Managed Services: Astelit, Kyivstar, VTB Bank, Ukreximbank, Bonduelle, Phoenix Press Ukraine, Velux and Other work is performed by experienced engineers, whose qualifications are confirmed by certificates from leading manufacturers of software and hardware. The quality of the services provided is estimated by the results of the service for the reporting period, for which the calculation of the coefficient affecting the cost. We are dedicated to providing services with the highest quality, and we are financially responsible for the level of our services. 

The basis of the Managed Services from USA New Jersey are continuous monitoring and remote method of providing services: 

Continuous monitoring allows you to identify bottlenecks in IT Managed Services Jersey in advance and eliminate them before they begin to influence business processes. In the event of incidents, monitoring allows you to quickly obtain information about the malfunction and begin to eliminate it. 

The remote method of providing services can significantly reduce the time and cost required to solve incidents, and are associated with the arrival of engineers at the site of the customer. In the event of a contingency, there is always the possibility to call an engineer urgently.

Managed Services USA

If we take as a basis the general scheme of the IT infrastructure of any company, the Managed Services can be divided into several interrelated groups: external and internal communications, user workstations and peripheral devices, network and server infrastructure, corporate-level systems and applications, information security, and administrative issues.

Managed IT Services

As part of ensuring the operation of each of the Managed Services groups, our engineers can perform work on the organization, configuration, technical support and provision of equipment and software. 

External and internal communications – ensuring the functioning of contact centers, telephony, video conferencing, the Internet. Administration, diagnostics, troubleshooting, interaction with telephony and Internet providers. 

User jobs and peripherals– ensuring the functioning of client equipment and software, as well as peripheral devices. Administration, diagnostics, troubleshooting, installing, updating and reinstalling software, installing and updating peripheral device drivers, monitoring and scheduling consumables. 

Network and server IT infrastructure – ensuring the functioning of server hardware and operating systems, data storage systems, network equipment, uninterruptible power supplies. Administration, monitoring, diagnostics, firmware upgrade, changing software parameters, troubleshooting equipment and OS, upgrading, updating and reinstalling the OS. 

Enterprise level systems and applications– ensuring the functioning of corporate e-mail, directory service, backup and recovery systems. Administration, troubleshooting, reconfiguration, software re installation, backup integrity monitoring, administration of accounts and groups, monitoring service availability, monitoring disk space usage and integrity of mail databases, troubleshooting related to performance, mail flow, databases. 

Information Security– anti-virus protection, protection against unauthorized access to data. Updating client and server software, updating anti-virus databases, configuring scanning policies, monitoring threats and network attacks, monitoring the security status of workstations, checking the status of security systems, event logs, configuring security policies, monitoring systems and notifications. 

Administrative services – management of external contracts of the company, communication on behalf of the company with external providers of IT Managed Services Jersey, management of the company’s IT service.

Before starting the service, we conduct an audit, the purpose of which is to inventory and search for problems in work. The result is a report containing a list of detected problems and recommendations for their elimination. The next step is troubleshooting. Next, we proceed to maintain the configured and fully functional equipment. Our engineers remotely or, if necessary, in the office, carry out maintenance work on the schedule selected and fixed in the contract. In the event of a contingency, there is always the possibility to call an engineer urgently.

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