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Microsoft windows 11 Release Date Download Update

Microsoft windows 11 Release Date Download Update: The latest changes made by Microsoft to the management of Windows 11 updates will probably not be its last attempts to adjust the process used to keep the PC operating system up-to-date. Microsoft is making changes because the update process has encountered a number of issues recently. The idea is that these updates add new features to Windows 11 on an ongoing basis. Microsoft windows 11

Windows 11 development and fixes

Windows 10 users have criticized the quality and quantity of updates, especially late last year when Microsoft had to remove the Windows version October 11, 2018 (version 1809) due to a bug deleting files; it took six weeks for Microsoft to start offering the update again. In an article published last week, Mike Fortin, vice president of Microsoft for Windows 10, acknowledged that the Windows update process could cause disruptions and introduced a number of changes in the way updates will be provided. This will include giving users greater control over when an update is installed, for example by allowing them to block updates for up to 35 days . Microsoft said it would also increase the number of tests performed on updates and use machine learning to help spot potential bugs. The publisher will also launch a health dashboard of Windows versions to give users more information about deploying updates, including issues – open and fixed – in feature updates and monthly .Steve Kleynhans, vice president of research at Gartner, believes Microsoft’s goal is to provide new features and security features for Windows 11 painlessly and with minimal disruption. you can get windows 11 download .

Windows 11

“The fact is it’s incredibly difficult to do, especially with an operating system like Windows with such a baggage,” he warns. Microsoft will continue to tweak and adjust how updates are made, the tools used, and the rules surrounding those updates, the analyst notes. Microsoft will constantly make these adjustments until they find the right balance, and even then, the right balance is probably not fixed in time. Kleynhans believes that in some cases, Microsoft has underestimated the difficulties that could arise when updates are made available to millions of PCs, and also overestimated the ability of its program to insidethe problems before the bets are not published. I think the reality is that the installed base of Windows is an almost infinitely complex set of devices, an incredible number of variations and no matter how good your portrayal is with the insider program, you’ll always come across things you’ve never seen before, and I think it’s really something that impacted them in this case. With more than 800 million Windows 11 PCs , of different sizes, sizes, and ages, from many different vendors, it is extremely difficult to take into account all possible variations. For now, Windows is anarchy to a certain extent and this is the problem Microsoft faces, the incredible levels of anarchy they encounter each time they deploy something” recalls Gartner analyst.

IT must be willing to give up some control

“Android and iOS were designed from the start to be managed this way, they do not have the level of complexity that we’ve seen evolve in the PC world.A Windows machine carries a huge amount of luggage and this is luggagethat causes the problem. ” There is also a tension between users – who want most of the new features as quickly as possible -, Microsoft – who wants to release new features – and IT administrators – who are struggling to cope with updates much more frequent PCs under their control. windows 10 IT has to respond to user demands and that means they’ll have to get used to a much faster cycle for all software, not just for Windows,. The IT must be willing to give up some control, according to Kleynhans; While in the past, IT could test everything in the organization even before deploying a security patch, they now feel more confident about the quality of these updates. Something similar must happen with Windows feature updates, he suggests: IT must reduce testing to what is critical, do pilot testing with smaller groups of users to to get an idea of ​​the problems, to better use information capture and telemetry – and to accept the fact that we are in a world that is changing much faster. Windows 11 release date has shown that Microsoft can learn from its mistakes, says Kleynhans. “They’re going in the right direction and things are going to continue to improve with each release, they’re doing what it takes to move forward, I’m not sure they’ve solved all the problems, or they’ll ever have solved all the problems, the environment will be the result of a permanent iteration. ” also check windows 11 release date

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