Music is A special type of art

Music is a very special type of art, in my opinion, it is very little related to other types of art such as painting, poetry, etc. Since music is a method of knowing how you feel, listening to a certain type of music can make you feel one way, but if you listen to another type of genre, it can cause another type of impact on your body. When you are happy, you like music. When you are sad, you understand the lyrics. Music is also an escape method, many people take refuge in music when they have many problems, it makes sense to every word of the song. Music is a mode of relaxation and it is scientifically proven that your favourite songs help you focus better. This is all for now: 3 Here I will leave 3 interviews with people who gave their opinion about Music. Get all video mp3 Davido songs here.

What would your life be like without music?

Since I was little, the music has been one of my greatest passions, I listen to music every day and I have heard at least once every genre of it, but the one I liked the most is rock and some of its derivatives . Life without music would be in my opinion muted, silent and very sad, because many of the people take refuge from their problems by listening to music and try to find the solution in the lyrics of the song. People obviously would not sing, they would not tare, since there was no music, there would also be no dance or dance since you can not dance without music, there would be no such fun parties with rockolas, there would be no concerts, etc. Life would be very different than it is now.

How do you think music could improve your quality of life?

Music is a relaxation process, which by listening to it can help you with many things. Someone stressed usually listens to relax to calm down a bit. It relieves pain, if someone who feels sad listens to music that relates to their feelings, they would identify themselves and maybe they can solve their problems faster. When listening to your favorite songs or your favorite genre, it is scientifically proven that an effect is caused in your brain which makes you feel better, more relaxed and able to concentrate.

What would the world be like without music?
The world would be more boring, there would be no shows or concerts, no dances or songs with which a region can be identified. We would all be moody, since many people need music to relax and be distracted and if at this time the music ceases to exist people can no longer get used to each person having adapted the music in their life and living without the music would be very complicated. Without music many would change, with the simple fact of having the freedom to choose a song and enjoy it at the same time we gain a lot as human beings. People would be others, that is, our pain, happiness, hopes, etc; we would have them stored inside, with no way of expressing it, which is bad; the celebrations we have would not make sense without the atmosphere of a good song. Without music in the world there would simply be no other things like dance, or make sense of a movie since they use songs to try to get people to feel some feeling. Music is simply necessary and enjoyable for everyone.

What would happen if people knew more about music? 
and thanks to this we would create a connection between all of us, a connection that we never thought we could reach, because, as we all know, music links people, families, groups, and more. In addition to everything already mentioned, we consider as another consequence in case people knew more about music, the fact that we would be more educated, perhaps, there would even be more musical genres and music production would enter a worldwide boom; no doubt all this would create an impressive change on the entire planet, but it would also create an inner change in ourselves, that is, maybe people with a lot of stress, knowing that music is able to reduce it considerably, would listen to music constantly, both until reaching a point where they no longer have the minimum percentage of stress; maybe,

Do you think music education would be important in Mexico? Why?
I do personally believe that Mexico takes care that children are interested and have classes related to musical expression, why? Because if it is very good that they want to educate and prepare children now with basic knowledge such as mathematics, Spanish, some other type of language, science, etc. but it is also necessary that they have some knowledge about not only music, but also any other type of art such as painting or dance. Since we are inside our mother’s body, we are able to hear some types of sounds such as some light notes and the bass notes produced by the piano. If the mother while pregnant listens to classical music, the baby will be very prone to the fact that she likes it when she is born as it also helps her to stimulate herself. The baby is already born, if he is sad or nervous, You should listen to relaxed music to calm down a bit. If you are calm, in addition to calm music, you can listen to vigorous, lively music. For children, it will be an adventure, because music is everywhere. However, it is good that, for your good emotional and intellectual development, listen to classical music, from the music of the Renaissance, through Baroque, classical, jazz, etc. When they reach an age between 6-8 years, it is recommended that children take classes with some type of instrument or in some type of dance, this will help them even more to have a better appreciation for music. In the end, the “children” who are now teenagers will have a very high artistic ability that will help them to express their feelings perfectly through any art, in this case music.

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