Things you need to know about online casino and betting in Malaysia

Just like any other Asian country, Malaysia is passionate about different kinds of online casinos and sports betting. Malaysian citizens regularly bet on all sporting events from around the globe. Ypu can check more on Online casino Malaysia.

You might be well aware that Malaysia is a Muslim dominated country bounded by strict Sharia laws that are abided by all its residents. You might think that gambling is outlawed in Malaysia since it a Muslim country but there isn’t any such thing.

Gambling in Malaysia:

In Malaysia online casino, you will only be allowed to gamble up to a certain level. For example, the country has banned several internet cafes and banks from supporting gambling. Now the question arises how you can gamble if you are unable to send money to your casino account.

The only possible way to gamble in this country if the local company accepts the mobile wallet system. Nowadays online casino Malaysia accepts only virtual payments that offer live casino gambling and that has paved the path for the Malaysians for gambling on international sites.

Moreover, certain websites now require bitcoin as payouts and deposits and that aids for the Malaysian gamers to have a vast array in international markets that offers a varied service. They have the option to use live dealers as well that enables you to chat with other gamblers to execute their moves. Although this action is strictly outlawed in the country’s own casinos but lacks jurisdiction on international licensed casinos.

Distinguishing a scam and a legit online casino:

While looking out for a legit online casino a lot of factors are there to look for. The first thing to watch for will be the website interface. It should be easy to navigate and has multiple organized features. A customer support system must be there on the site.

Test the support system to find out if it is fully operational or not. Scroll down at the end of the page and find out is the website is verified by reliable authorities. Going through consumer reviews can be helpful. After verification of the website, proceed for the sign-up process. Some websites may need proof of address before accepting your application to eliminate any chances of money laundering activities.

Online betting Malaysia:

Online betting is popular in Malaysia and Sportsbooks Malaysia is where the betting match is conducted. People can bet on the sports team. It feels so good when your favorite team wins the match and you win the bet. Malaysians can access many online betting sites.

It is not necessary that you will win all the time, but it is more important to follow some strategies. There are several sites that allow you online betting. Choose the site which has a proper license and certifications from reliable authorities.

It will be safe to use a betting website that has a European license and does not have a physical presence in Asia. You can operate a European bookie from your home to remain safe from Malaysian authorities. Money transfer services include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Bitcoin.


You should bore that deep in your mind that gambling and betting are just an addiction not to be mixed with emotions and feelings and you should be clear enough to make the step.

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