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Windows 11 Full features Better Than Ever

Yes, it is otherwise obviously better because, among other improvements, it has taken over some important features of Linux, which are presented as “news”, but those who use Linux have known for many years! But, about this, in a future article, we will now review, as the title requires, important features of Windows 11. Whether, for various reasons, hidden (“I can’t learn to work on Linux, it’s too complicated”) or not (“my programs can’t be installed on Linux”) or if, having installed a paid Windows 11 iso, we are curious to see what news have appeared, especially since the upgrade is announced to be free, then we have the problem to first find, theoretically, important features of Windows 11, so as not to waste time with the installation if there is nothing tempting and awesome! There is certainly a temptation, at least for the news taken from Linux, but I will not tell you now, but other new ones, such as the personal digital assistant Cortana or the last shout of the web browsers: Edge.

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1 – The “START” menu. Replacing it with the Start screen in Windows 8 and 8.1 was not a happy choice for Microsoft, the feed-back being clear in favor of the former, so that in Windows 11 iso it was reintroduced, in an improved version with what it was better on the Start screen, so the result is the best Start menu to date! In addition, it can be resized by preference by enlarging it to have more lines of application or data or shrinking it so that it does not remain unused space.

2 – Task Viewer. It is an absolute novelty for Windows, allowing more virtual desktops and thus increasing productivity by organizing more efficient applications, work in general.

3 – A new browser Windows 11 iso – EDGE – New searches for Your result click here for more info which uses an absolutely new rendering engine, which is meant to be faster than all the others, including Chrome! As news, it is also integrated with the digital assistant Cortana has support for new technologies and web standards and offers the possibility to put notes on web pages. You can also do custom searches and install extensions, such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

4 – Personal digital assistant Windows 11 iso – CORTANA. This is an absolute novelty since we do not consider Windows Phone users! The Cortana assistant speaks many languages, even Chinese (only Romanian, no!), Understands and performs many actions – starts applications, takes notes, makes reminders, or can tell you the latest news or weather – or, simply simple, you can stay at the taifa with him / her! In other words, try to transform the human-computer relationship into something more natural and … more “human”!

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Every October Microsoft releases a major update to Windows that (hopefully) fixes the biggest bugs and gripes, while also bringing new features into this OS-as-a-service product. While there were quite a few problems with the 2018 “1809” update that caused a two-month delay, it should now be available through the regular update service on Windows 11 download. If you’re already running 1809 or are just looking forward to it, here are some feature highlights you can look forward to in the newest Windows version. Finally, Dark Mode for Explorer! Microsoft already provided a Dark theme in a previous update, but unfortunately, Windows Explorer itself retained its white background. Dark modes and themes are pretty much everywhere these days. Not only do they make screens easier to read in the dark, but they also reduce screen power consumption. Most importantly, they look pretty cool to boot. Windows 12 lite automatically detects this change and switches to Tablet Mode, which will remove the normal taskbar, turn the Start Menu into a Start screen, and so on, applications will now be open all over the screen. All this just to make your interaction with the device easier. Note that I mentioned just one example. Continuum works the same in many other situations, such as when you connect a screen and keyboard to your Windows 11 smartphone. Search here for more information about Microsft official windows

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