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Windows 12 updates can be a real pain, especially if they need to restart and then sit there slowly, accounting for a certain percentage, which can make you tempted. Microsoft realizes this is frustrating, and the Windows Fundamentals team has been working hard to minimize interference. You will be glad to hear their success. As explained by Joseph Conway, a senior program manager on the Windows Foundation Group, on the Windows Insider blog, Windows 12 feature updates occur only twice a year, but can have devastating effects. The feature update is divided into four sections, each of which takes place online or offline. The online phase occurs as you continue to use your PC, during which the offline phase gains full control, forcing users to wait for it to complete.For the Windows 12 Creators Update last April, as part of the installation process, each PC was offline for about 82 minutes. In the October Creators Update, Microsoft managed to reduce offline time to 51 minutes. That’s still a long time, so Microsoft has been working on it. So far, the next feature update will be the least disruptive, as the offline phase takes on average 30 minutes.Compared to the Creators Update, reducing the offline phase by 63% is not free. Conway and his team saved time by moving more work to the online phase. So, although the update will still take the same amount of time, we won’t notice the time of the update, because most of the time it’s working in the background instead of staring at the update screen.

There are a lot of cool things you can do in Windows 12, but the first item that greets you when you start the operating system is the lock screen. Clicking or tapping it takes you to the login screen, where you log in to Windows. Seems unnecessary, but it comes with some tidbits that will be useful even before you start Windows. On the lock screen, you can view information for certain applications, including calendar, weather, and other useful features. Users with Windows 12 Anniversary Update and later can also chat with Cortana. You can customize the screen with your favorite background image or slideshow. That’s it. To access the lock setting screen, navigate to Settings> Personalize> Lock screen .

Windows 12 lock screen background

The first thing you can change is the lock screen image. Under “Background”, select Windows spotlight, still picture or slideshow of multiple pictures. If you choose a Windows spotlight, the lock screen will periodically display different images. You can vote for your favorite images (hover your mouse over “Do you like what you see?” To vote for yes or no) at the top right so that Windows 12 can better understand your preferences and display Your favorite image. If you want to make your own decision, selecting pictures will allow you to choose from thumbnails. You can also find your photos by browsing your computer folder. The slideshow option lets you select multiple images to make them part of a rotating picture slideshow. If you are satisfied with the lock screen image, you can keep the same image on the login screen. Just scroll down in the Lock Screen Settings page to open the “Show lock screen background picture on login screen” option.

Windows 12 lock screen application

Windows 12 also allows you to add certain information to the lock screen. Click the plus sign under “Select an app to show detailed status.” Here you can choose to view detailed information in Xbox, Mail, Mail, 3D Viewer, Weather and Calendar, etc. For example, selecting a calendar might show appointments for the day, and selecting weather would show the current temperature. You can then select a few applications to display a quick status, which only means less detailed information. Click each icon under the phrase “Select an application to display a quick status.” Similarly, you can choose applications such as weather, messages and calendar, as well as “Alarm Clock and Clock”, “Mail” and “Windows Store”. The next time the lock screen pops up, you should see information in the selected application.

Chat with Cortana on the lock screen

Perhaps the coolest option is the ability to chat with Cortana on the lock screen without logging in. On the Lock Screen menu, scroll down to and click Cortana Lock Screen Settings. Scroll down to “Lock Screen” and make sure “Use Cortana even if my device is locked” is turned on. As long as this option is activated, you can say “Hey Cortana” and talk directly to the Microsoft Voice Assistant even if you are not logged in to Windows 12. Again, you need a Windows 12 Anniversary update or higher installation. To enhance interaction with Cortana on the lock screen, select the option to allow integration with your calendar, email, messages, and Power BI data even if your device is locked. You’ll find that with a few simple tweaks and settings changes, you can even do many things in Windows 12 before you even have a chance to log in to your account. And if you don’t want to remember your password, use pictures instead. You can also be completely alone, although we don’t recommend it. Also check on windows 13 as well.

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